DESOI PullDevice P-1

  • Usable for ram injection lances G1/4" or G1/2"
  • Optimal power transmission
  • Mobility through moving device
  • Tightening speed adjustable
  • Easy operation
Технические характеристики
Working pressure 3 - 8 bar
Starting power ca. 800 - 2100 kg
Tightening (piston stroke) max. 160 mm
Air consumption approx. 700 - max. 900 l/min
Weight 43 kg
L x W x H 56 x 58 x 72 - 106 cm
Описание продукта
mobile, pneumatic pulling device DESOI PullDevice P-1 with four double-acting cylinders and switching to automatic mode for pulling the ram injection lances.
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